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  1. xangel0 Moderator 4wk 0d ago

    Quote by Painter
    Eh, you must be right. I've never painted smth like that before and firstly didn't even have any idea of how to fulfill the brunches :( About the emptiness in the middle, yes, I thought about adding smth like a stump with smth on it, but since it's a resent for another person who said to me what she exactly wants to see there was a problem.
    And yeah, I'm not also good in making things look in disorder T-T Anyway I try to add more efforts in every new artwork everytime when take my tablet.
    Thank you a lot for your suggestions *hugs*! Sure, it'll also help me in making future works :)

    Hmm maybe you could've tried using foliage brushes for the branches. Ah I see, well if it was a request then no worries.
    *hugs* hope to see more of your works here too :3

  2. Monu-chan 4wk 2d ago

    Quote by Painter You should find later version of PS. I use PS CS 5 try this one it includes much more than yours :)
    For that purpose you can try to look through MT for trees on other scans and vector them or to look at how they're shaded :)

    I can't afford new PS for now... Everything from Adobe is hell expensive >.>

    I'm right now using SAI for shading trees, not sure how it'll turn out since I'm not used to SAI.
    Will show you for opinion once I'm finished with shading.

  3. Monu-chan 4wk 2d ago

    Quote by Painter Missed this one. Monu, you're so sweet in choosing the resources ^-^ Lovely scene <3

    But there's some smal tips for you in future: add different sizes of clouds (bigger near to the highest part of the sky and smaller at the bottom closer to sun) and don't forget to work with warping the textures for their clothes :3

    Keep it up! >:DD

    Thanks for comment and favs! <3

    About clouds, I'll do that from next time to create a sense of perspective and depth.
    As for clothes and textures, my photoshop (which is very old PS7) doesn't have Warping tool function in transformation options D:

    Quote by PainterI was asked to use gold and purple combination of colours, so I tried my best to combine them :)
    Thanks a lot for your opinion <3 Glad it looks good :)

    I'm not a muster of trees, pitifully T-T Don't even know how to describe the process

    You're Very Welcome! :D

    I don't know how to even start shading trees, my wallpaper is still on a wip from 1 month because I can't shade trees well :/
    I would've used ready made tree textures with some lighting effects but without warping tool, they also look flat D:

  4. Huesin Elite Member 4wk 3d ago

    Quote by Painter Thanks for the fav :)

    You're welcome, Painter-chan~ o3o

  5. myri-chan 4wk 3d ago

    Quote by PainterThanks for the fav :)

    You're very welcome , very nice art, Zix. I love the colors and the smooth beautiful and melancholic.
    it would be interesting if a mysterious cloaked traveller was added in the backgroung :3

  6. Monu-chan 5wk 4d ago

    I wish you a Happy 2016! (>^3^)> ~ <3

  7. myri-chan 5wk 5d ago

    Quote by Painter

    Спасибо большое ^^ Didn't know you speak Russian :) Sorry I don't have any celebration pics, but I really appreciate what you did *hugs*
    Happy New Year to you, too!

    Пожалуйста :3 i wish i could speak russian ^.^ ' google is very helpful to learn some words.
    *hugs tight* my dear Zix :)

  8. myri-chan 5wk 5d ago

    с Новым годом, Zix! :)

  9. Monu-chan 6wk 3d ago

    Quote by Painter
    Yep, a lot of fun ^-^
    MT shows that she appears here from time to time...

    Yeah but she comes for 1 minute and went offline. I saw her for 2 times online, but as the time I open her page she got offline. D:
    I'm just hoping nothing bad had happened to her. :(

  10. Monu-chan 6wk 4d ago

    Quote by PainterThanks, Merry X-mas to you, too ^-^
    Sadly, nope. She doesn't read my PMs :(

    You're Welcome and Thanks!
    I hope you had fun today.
    Aww that's sad, it's been more than 2 months already. I hope she's alright. D:

  11. Monu-chan 6wk 4d ago
    Merry Christmas Zix-chan!
    Have you in contact with Elisa lately?

  12. myri-chan 6wk 6d ago

    Merry Christmas, Zix :)